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Queen AdaQueen Ada
Name: Ada
North American Name: Ada

Her name means: Foe, Enemy, Grudge, Revenge, Evil

Physical Age: Undetermined

Element: Darkness/Shadows

Attacks: Undetermined but she can easily manipulate and control others

From the beginning of the story very little is known about Queen Ada. What is known is that she lives isolated from the rest of reality on an alternate planet or even possibly dimension. As a result her mind has become twisted and deeply disturbed. With her are her four loyal guardians whom are her daughters. Ada happens to be the child of Queen Daaku, the queen to whom the Gem Senshi were suppose to protect. However, at some point Ada became seperated from her mother and now harbors a bitter hatred towards her and her own guardians, the Gem Senshi. Ada would love nothing more than to seek out and find her mother and deliver her a slow death. She obsesses over this idea and is hellbent on making this dream a reality and God save whomever may get in her way, even if it should be the senshi of love herself, Sailor Moon.