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Seika, the elegantSailoraquamarine
Name: Aounabara Seika
North American Name: Anna Aounabara

Her name means: Flower of the Blue Sea

Physical Age: 17 years old

Element: Water

Attacks: Aquamarine Bladed Tsunami, Oceanic Surround, Aquamarine Sparkling Splash

Favorite Food: Cheesecake with strawberries

Least Favorite Food: Any meat

Teammates she gets along with: Peridot, Turquoise, Ruby

Seika is elegance incarnate. She is always ladylike and proper. Sometimes she winds off as stuck up, but behind the mask, she has caring heart. Seika has a deep love for Kaijin. Being mannerly and proper has lead her to be attracted to the bad boy of the group ^.~. She has a BIG dislike for Mitsukai, due to the fact that Mitsukai gets a lot of Kaijin's time. Will she ever win his heart?
To transform, Seika raises one hand, the other over her chest. A tsunami wave comes from behind her and splashes over her, creating her fuku and small droplets of water create her tiara, earings and choker. She spins once and stops with her backside now in view. The water rises from around her feet and joins together at her waist and arms and falls to create her skirt, gloves and boots. Lastly her Aquamarine brooch sparkles into place and with a small splash water erupts from the sides, creating the bow. Aquamarine poses by one hand hanging down, the other upon her hip. She holds one foot in front of the other and a determined look is placed upon her face. As Sailoraquamarine, Seika is very determined. She also wants to do, only what's right. If ever there's a fight, she's right there willing to try and talk things out first (unless of course it's a monster or something). Seika prefers the pacifist's way, rather than fighting. However, when talking fails, she won't hesitate to fight. This just goes to show that the good girl has a bad side too ^.^