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Name:Kougi Amari
North American Name: Amanda Kougi

Her name means: Lady of Justice

Physical Age: Undetermined

Element: Reflection

Attacks: Unknown, but she can twist and mimic attacks

Favorite Food: Not Stated

Least Favorite Food: Not Stated

Teammates she gets along with: No one

Amari is the brutally fierce, Sailorjade. Her character tends to be a bit of a wildcard. She holds a name that might suggest she was one of the Housho senshi, but the prophecies only told of eleven senshi (not including Kiseijun). Add to the fact that when she does show up, she just watches, refusing to aid the senshi. She believes watching anyone die or live is good enough entertainment. She feels that personal problems are a waste of her time. Often Amari says things with very little remorse for the effect it might have on a person. She's even mentioned as being worse than Megami. Very little is known about Amari, except that she can take civilian form. Is she a friend or foe and why is she watching the senshi so closely?
In a similar fashion to Saturn, Jade has no transformation sequence. One minute she's there and the next she's gone. She fights with a bladed fan known as her ginsen (silver colored fan). Her attacks are EXTREMELY deadly in that she has the power to mimic ANYONE'S attacks and twist them to do her own bidding. As Sailorjade, she seems to have a personal vendetta against Sailormoon. Overall, she is not a senshi to be trusted.