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Sailor Moon:

By: Elena  L Sanchez


Disclaimer: I own the sailors in this fic (Gem Sailors) and the artwork here in this fic. They are mine and no one has the right to use them for their own purposes without my permission. The idea of the sailors and Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon and the original characters such as Serena etc...belong to Naoko Takeuchi. I own NONE of her characters and do NOT claim to, but rather thank her for making such wonderful and inspirational characters. Waii! ^_^


Side note: I just want to inform people that this is based on the ANIME storyline. NOT the Manga. However, I have not seen ALL of the Stars episodes (Only a few), so if something is inaccurate please correct me, kindly. I'll try to fix it. On the other hand if it's something major that would affect the whole storyline, please just bear in mind that I'm trying to write an entertaining story. I'm not going to get EVERYTHING perfect. Also I'm borrowing some stuff from the Manga (Ages, Serena ascending the throne at 22). This is just a story and I'm only human =(


Sailor Moon: Gemstone : Searching. Lost Soldiers Carry On!


     Blackness. Blackness was everywhere.


       Blackness speckled with tiny, snowy drops of white. This was space. The infinite blackness, that gave birth to galaxies, beings, and planets. The blackness which gave birth to legends and adventures. It was the same infinity that had given birth to one particular planet out of many. The planet of Endai.


       A planet rich in resources and beautiful unlike any you had ever imagined. At night the atmosphere would create the stars to be different colors. Legend says that each color represented the soul of a great warrior who had passed. In the day, the sun was said to have a celestial connection to the planet’s queen. If she was sad, it would rain. If she was angry (which was very rare for the queen had a very gentle heart) the ground would tremble. It was almost constantly sunny. Looking over the queen was a group of dedicated soldiers, bound to fate to always serve their ruler. People on this particular planet weren’t terribly different from those of Earth. In appearance, they were the same. Truly, the planet of Endai was one of peace and chaos. Existing in a perfect balance of both.


       Until the one known as Daaku had been born.


       The woman of dark and malicious intent was the daughter of the gentle queen, though many silently questioned how such a being of hate and greed could be born of one so pure and generous. Not long after, the serene queen died. Widely was it known that her death could not have been naturally for the planet itself was linked with the queen. Therefore, the queen was granted immortality until she passed it to her kin. The mere fact that the event was so sudden and that no one had heard sent whispers throughout every town, though no one dared to speak the truth in the new rule of Queen Daaku. Those who did were silenced quickly and without mercy.


       Now what remained of the glorious planet, were mere shards of nothingness. A bleak, barren backdrop of what once was. The land had been ripped apart by tyranny, fear and anguish. Lives of innocents were carelessly taken and lost. The rich atmosphere had become dark, clouded and sunless.


       The balance of good and evil was been broken.


       All that remained were fallen warriors with one last chance for salvation. Though still bound by fate, they risked it all in one final battle with the tyrannous queen. Though victorious, the warriors fled their planet in fear of an ancient prophecy. For it was told that those who went against their queen, whom they were bound to by fate and eternity, would suffer worse than death itself.



       Naomi Nohakai watched with uncertainty. Everything she had ever known was destroyed. Their planet gone. They had won the fight but certainly lost the war. Naomi bit her lip, determined to not release the tears threatening to fall. No, she had to be stronger. She knew as well as any of her other teammates that in the face of destruction you fall or continue on. And if you fell, there was little chance to get back up. Naomi put a hand to her chest.


            There was a deep feeling in her heart. At first it had been hard to place it, but now it had grown from a mere spark to a raging fire. It was the feeling of failure. She had failed her queen. They all had. What really was left for them now?


            Naomi brushed a strand of dark blue hair across her shoulder. She didn’t want her other teammates to see the tears in her eyes. She didn’t even want to acknowledge them herself. Maybe if she didn’t they’d go away.


            Naomi drew in a deep breath and glanced around. The group of soldiers was encased in a bubble like orb. To the naked eye it would appear as a group of beings simply free floating through the endless abyss of space. Naomi glanced at her comrades, trying to read their expressions.


       Beside her stood a girl named Taryn Meimou. Shoulder length, straight red hair, the color of dark rubies, adored her shoulders. A worried look crossed her features and Naomi swore she saw a tear in Taryn’s own dark scarlet eyes. She looked to say something, but like the others in the group, had no appropriate words for the moment.


       On the other side of Naomi, stood Trinity Shinsei. The resident loner, and queen of ice. She was adorned with long wavy golden hair and green eyes that could strike a chill in the coldest of people. Currently those eyes were turned away from the rest of the group and like so many times before, Naomi found it impossible to read her expression.


      Her eyes moved on to the rest of the group. Another pair was Sarah Otome and her younger sister Tifani. Sarah clutched the younger girl protectively to her side. Anyone could tell she was trying valiantly, perhaps for her sister's sake, to not be afraid. Tifani watched with childlike fear. Deep within her heart, Tifani was grown up. She was perhaps the perfect model of what the curse of immortality had done to them all. Time without aging, except maybe mentally. Even that was tainted as memories from long ago were eventually erased like the wind scattering ashes. Right now, Tifani had abandoned all maturity, although she seemed to be fairing better than her older sister.


       Next was a young woman with radiant black hair, cascading down her back and held high in a ponytail fashion. Normally she held a regal look about her but for now she looked horrible. The battle had taken it’s toll on her. Her name was Anna Aounabara and though Naomi didn’t much care for her, she felt for her deep in her heart. Anna reflected how the group looked. Beside her stood a very tall, dark yet composed young man with hair as black as midnight and green eyes that were every bit as striking as Trinity’s though lighter in their shade. One whom Naomi had longed for since she could remember. Karik Yamiyono. Karik was a warrior in every sense of the word. Even now his cold exterior never faltered.


       There remained three young men. The first was Jonathon Banshou whom looked pale and weakened, yet had the face of a tender young man. Sandy whitish blonde hair and blue eyes as crisp as the sky itself had once been on Endai. The look upon his face was one of bravery yet immense pain. Ashe Aozora was next. His usually handsome face was bit dirt stained and he looked battle worn as much of the others did. His sandy red hair hung in his eyes which were a sad shade of wine red. He watched with sorrow, but also solemn anger. Finally was Vincent Haato. The oddest of the group. His expression was serious yet blank at the same time. In fact, it was like that a lot of the time.


       At the very back, behind the others, yet with still a good view of the dissipating planet, was clearly the youngest aside from Tifani. Beside her, standing almost loyally like a guardian angel over a child, was Hana Nomatsujo. She watched the planet for a few moments then slowly turned to look at the young girl aside her. Her face held little expression of comfort nor of fear.


       The girl's eyes shone brilliantly with tears. She had been trying desperately hard to not cry. It wouldn't be right and she couldn't be weak. Not at this moment in time. Her teammates already looked down on her. Now she had her duty as princess of Endai, to be strong. She had to have strength as she watched the misted bubble carry them further away.


       She had to hold her emotions in as she watched her life slip away from her grasp.


       Hope Akkino felt a hand on her shoulder. She didn't bother to see who it was, because she didn't want them to see the tears in her eyes. They saw anyway as Hope broke into sobs, collapsing to her knees.


       Her insides melted and the barrier holding back the wet tears gave way. Her fear consumed her and blinded any thoughts she may have had. All that was left was raw pain.


       Hope put her hands to her face and cried. She cried so hard, her whole body trembled. Her long brown hair fell about her shoulders, partially obscuring her face.


       The others turned to face her, finally taking their eyes off the planet, which was almost out of sight.


       In most situations, a team would help their leader. Lift them up, because a leader was the glue of the group. They were the key to the group's unlocking and their destruction. To their will to work together and their strength.


       Somehow this WASN'T the case, as Trinity pushed forward and snatched Hope up by the collar of her black uniform.


       "Crying ALREADY?!" Trinity spat. Hope closed her eyes tightly. She knew that she shouldn't cry in front of Trinity, but her tears said otherwise and continued to flow. The very pain in her heart told her otherwise. Trinity released her grip on Hope and Hope stepped back, hanging her head.

       Trinity glared with fire and disdain in her emerald green eyes. Then with one fluid and swift movement, her hand reached back and flew across the air to connect with Hope's face.


       Hope stumbled back against the side of the orb, which was carrying the warriors. As she hit it, the orb glowed white with a soft, low hum. Ashe turned to face Trinity and glared, quite angrily. "Would you stop it?! She's young!! She doesn't know any better!"


       Trinity wheeled around to face him. Aside from her eyes, which still burned with anger that was matched with Ashe's, the rest of her body gestures showed no sense of anger. Her hands remained unclenched and relaxed. Her shoulders and body posture was relaxed as well.


       "Oh? Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but I fail to see Tifani crying and is she not younger than Daaku Jr. over there?" she said simply, venom creeping through her voice.


       "Shut up!!!" Hope screamed. Hana simply kneeled down beside her, saying nothing, no expression. Her hand placed itself on Hope's trembling shoulder.


       "You forget that Tiffani may be the image of a child but she's countless years older than Hope!" Ashe corrected.


       "I forget nothing," Trinity said coolly, the anger in her eyes fading as she turned away from Ashe. "The only thing that anyone has forgotten is that SHE -" Trinity paused to point a finger accusingly to Hope. "She is the offspring of our enemy and she is NOT truly one of us nor our leader."


       Ashe moved to say something, but Trinity cut him off sharply. "She will never be our leader and having her here is a mistake. You'll see for yourselves," she added, retreating to her spot near Naomi.


       Naomi shot her a sour look. "Oh what? You're going to act as ignorant as the rest, Naomi?" Trinity said, keeping her eyes focused on a point of dark space beyond the orb.


       Naomi said nothing for a moment, studying Trinity. "No, but now is CLEARLY not the time for your 'warm' remarks," she said quietly. The only response she got was a cold, devious smirk from Trinity.


       The tense mood was broken as Karik spoke up, cold, yet calm. "It's gone..."


       The group turned to watch as the speck, that was Endai, finally disappeared into the dark reaches of space. The same reaches from where it was born.


       Hope, whom had been slightly calm for a moment, broke into another round of pain wracked sobs. Naomi watched her, but said nothing, nor made a move.


       “Poor Hope…she’s not a hardened soldier…not like us…” Naomi thought to herself. Another voice cut into her thoughts. A slightly darker voice.


       “Which is why you should’ve left her to die on that miserable planet…”


       Naomi frowned. A battle of conscience perhaps, but she knew better.


       She only turned her vision back to where their planet once was. Home was gone now. They were disgraced warriors with no place to go.


       Tifani summoned up the one question in everyone's minds. She looked to Sarah then to the others, worriedly. "What do we do now...?"


       There was a long silence. No one looked at each other. No one answered.


       Finally, Hana looked to Tifani, no longer wanting to look at the black void of space. She closed her eyes calmly as if in great thought. For a moment, Hope stopped crying and turned to look to Hana. Hana then gave Tifani, and the others, the only answer there was to give. "We wait..."




Author's note: I’ll try and have one Author’s note at the end of every chapter. So this was chapter one of the BSSM:G re-make. I know it was long but hopefully most chapters won’t be this long. Also, I hope the names were easier to remember. As a side note, you can see in the pictures that for now, out of uniform, they’re just basically wearing black pants and black shirts. There’s a list below of who is who incase, you forget or are still confused.


Naomi – Sailor Sapphire

Trinity – Sailor Emerald

Ashe – Tourmaline Warrior

Hope – Sailor Diamond

Tiffani – Sailor Turquoise

Sarah – Sailor Pearl

Hana – Sailor Garnet

Jonathon – Topaz Warrior

Taryn – Sailor Ruby

Vincent – Amethyst Warrior

Karik –Peridot Warrior

Anna – Sailor Aquamarine


Get to know these names because they’ll show up quiet frequently.