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Doujino: Boy of SunsetYuushi Topaz
Name: Banshou, Doujino
His name means: Boy of Sunset

Physical Age: 17 years old

Element: Healing, Sun, Fire

Attacks: Healing Whisper, Topaz Arrowstorm Blaze, Topaz Solar Engulf

Favorite Food: Soup

Least Favorite Food: Crackers

Teammates he gets along with: Ruby (See below),Sapphire,Pearl,Turquoise,Garnet,

Doujino indeed lives up to his name. He is the boy of sunset. This is because, though he doesn't remember, he was struck with an illness, as a little boy. When he became a senshi and the gift of eternity was granted, no one realized the curse it would impart on Doujino. Instead of healing him, he remained stuck with the illness. His body remained weakened and got worse. However, Doujino was never allowed death. Sometimes the attacks hit him so heavily, that any normal human being would've died TWO times over. Despite this, Doujino carries on. Doujino has a very strong sense of right and wrong. He's not afraid to shun someone, who he believes to have done wrong. Doujino has a secret crush on Shinri, but he hides it well. He feels he could never quite be strong enough, or an equal for her. So instead he fights and bickers with her. Doujino seems to deeply despise Kiseijun, Chiyuno and Megami, but not for obvious reasons. Doujino remembers something from their past. What does he know?
As Yuushi Topaz, he's got strong attacks, but he tires very easily. This is very hard on Doujino, because he wants to protect Shinri and yet, his body will not allow him to do so. Despite this, Doujino has been known to fight till the very last of his energy is gone. This has resulted, in the past, in Doujino falling into a coma. Due to his illness and lack of ability to fight, Doujino carries a grudge against himself. He may be weak, but he has a good and honest heart. He really only wants to fight with everyone else, for what is right.