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Aijo Ureba aka Aki-hime/ NA Name: Marlene Aijo. Artwork drawn and CGed by me. Laney. No stealing and if you're curious...I didn't trace ^.~ Aijo Ureba aka Aki-hime
Name: Aijo Ureba
Dub/ North American Name: Marlene Aijo
Physical Age: Not Determined

Her name means: Beloved Daughter of Last Leaves

Element: Electricity and Withering

Attacks:Gentle Soul Withering, Beautiful Electric Pain Surprise.

Of the four sisters, Ureba is probably the loner of the batch. Her quiet, calm demeanor often at times baffles her sisters. While Ureba holds the look of a fighter, she has the spirit of one much kinder. Ureba longs for things besides fighting. Within her heart, she knows what's right from what's wrong but does not wish to end up like her sister whom she constantly grieves for. It's a constant battle to carry out her mother's orders against her heart's will and often she just barely manages to do so. Will she give into the darkness like her mother or fight against it?

When in battle form, she is not a senshi but instead a gireihei, meaning guard of honor. On her wrist is a black onyx wristlet with a large green sphere, which she uses to transform. She holds up her hand and yells "Kuro Gireihei Bakeru" meaning Black Gireihei Change. She wields a staff which has a huge ball of black electricity at the top. It also spirals down the staff so only Ureba can handle it. Anyone else would be electricuted. Her outfit when in battle is a black dress. The sleeves are short and whispy and it ends above her knees. Around her waist is a sash and is tied in the back into a big pink bow. Her shoes are black knee high boots. Ureba constantly questions wether or not her mother's orders are the right thing to do. She keeps those questions to herself but it shines in her eyes. Never the less Ureba fights bravely and very skillfully. She isn't the strongest nor the weakest. While in battle Ureba never loses her calm. Her fighting style is more graceful, yet fierce.