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Chiyuno. Gentle heart hiding a secret...Yuushi Amethyst
Name: Haato, Chiyuno
His name means: Healing Heart

Physical Age: 23 years old

Element: Healing and Protection

Attacks: Healing Touch, Amethyst Wicked Blade, Violet Light Protect

Favorite Food: Sushi

Least Favorite Food: Soup

Teammates he gets along with: Diamond

Chiyuno is a lone, quiet young man. He's similar to Garnet, only there's a distinct air about Chiyuno that his quietness and solitude are covering something up. He speaks to no one, but Kiseijun on occasions. He will answer questions if spoken to, but he makes no conversation otherwise. This doesn't make him cruel, as he DOES have a gentle nature about him. He seems to almost prefer to be alone, but no one knows why this is. He also seems to have a very calm attitude towards Megami, and he's often the only one unthreatened by her. He also seems to be the only one who can aggrivate her. Why is he the way he is? Is he hiding something?
As Amethyst Kamen, Amethyst's attacks are relatively weak, save Amethyst Wicked Blade. Mainly they are for healing purposes. However his weapon, Amethyst Jeweled Sword, is another force to be reckoned with. It's probably the second strongest weapon in the ground, next to Tsurara's staff. Amethyst is a wild card in battle. Sometimes he follows orders and sometimes he totally disreguards them. He's hard to control and worser yet, he's impossible to predict...