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Sailor Emerald aka Shinsei, Megami. This character is dedicated to Tiffany Clark, who has stuck by me and shared in the senshi madness. She allowed me to convert her to a full fledged moonie (Sailormoon fan). She was my inspiration for this character and I couldn't have written her without knowing such a wonderful person. Plus she is such a bitch! :D Love you like you were my own sister. This one's for you! ^.~

Yuushi Tourmaline aka Aozora, Yuushino. This character is dedicated to Daniel Ruszczynski. He was such a tough guy and yet such a softy. Thank you for the wonderful memories and you'll always be a friend. Even if I don't always show it!

Aki-hime aka Ureba. This character is dedicated to Nicole Harvey. I've known Nikki since Freshman year, and she's still the artsy, Harry Potter luvin girl I love like a sister. She's apart of the three "S"s and more importantly she's always going to have a place in my heart. I luv you hun ^.^

Sailor Garnet aka Nomatsujo, Hana. This character is dedicated to Anna. Pan-hime! She has been so kind to me, always. Since I first met her and hardly knew her. She's one of the only few people that kept in touch with me after I left school. You're always going to be my friend and ALWAYS like Usagi AND Hana! A person with a heart of gold ^.^

Sailor Diamond aka Akkino, Kiseijun. This character is dedicated to Alexis. I recently met her, but she's very nice to talk to. I don't meet many people online who just love to talk! She also chats with me about my story and it's fun to have someone to talk to about it! Gah, I gotta try and not spill the beans though when I answer her questions, hee hee! She was also the first to give me a warm welcome to the forum. Such a great person! *hugs* ^.^

Sailor Ruby aka Meimou, Shinri. This character is dedicated to Mandy. Another person from the fanfic forum who is just wonderful. She gave me so many compliments on the site itself and more importantly, on my story. This was so nice of her to do, because I was feeling a bit bummed that it wasn't doing well on She cheered me up a lot and let me know (along with Alexis) that there's people out there who love the story. This is for her ^.~