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Kiseijun, the dark or the light?Sailordiamond
Name: Akkino Kiseijun
North American Name: Hope Akkino

Her name means: Demon of Hope

Age (real): 16 years old

Element: Love, Purity, Eternity

Attacks: Diamond Purity Dust, Single Diamond cut, Diamond Burst, [With wings and Staff] Almighty Diamond Justice

Favorite Food: Noodles

Least Favorite Food: Celery

Teammates she gets along with: Garnet, Amethyst, Ruby

Kiseijun was the princess on Endai and the daughter of Queen Daaku. This has certainly not scored her any points with the rest of the team. Kiseijun was often ridiculed by her mother (she even gave Kiseijun her name as joke). She was shoved into senshi training when she was fourteen. She aged, unlike the rest of the senshi, and though she was much, MUCH younger and inexperianced, her mother made her the leader. This wasn't an easy task for Kiseijun, because she had little training and lacked the confidence in herself. When the senshi attacked Daaku, they held Kiseijun hostage and were forced to take her with them as they made their escape. Kiseijun lost a lot of her teammates' respect somewhere along the way. Megami despises her with a vengance. Kiseijun has only Shinri and Hana to call her friends. Hana is the one constantly watching over her. She tries hard to remain happy and cheerful, but it's hard. Hana is the one constantly watching over her. Oddly, she shares a friendship with Chiyuno, who doesn't speak to anyone but her. The two seem to share a secret, that only they alone know. What is it exactly that they're hiding?
When transforming, because she is leader, her transformation sequence is very diffrent. Kiseijun holds both arms out in front then moves them to the sides, still open. A white glitter covers her body and her hair floats up. Her whole body turns to a diamond shell and bursts forth, revealing her fuku and for a brief moment, angel wings. Then white ribbons burst from the waist of her fuku, revealing her skirt. Her skin still glitters and the glitter that is left creates her bows, boots and gloves. She spins once then poses. Her ending pose is one foot forward and both her hands down, but out at the sides. Diamond is the weakest of her team. Her only attack that she can successfully perform is Diamond Single Cut. She doesn't have confidence or faith in her leadership skills. This dampens her power and prevents her from using the Diamond Wings and Staff (needed for her other attacks). Diamond's fuku shows her significance as princess and leader in many ways. Her stockings are white instead of black and her bow sparkles. The white ribbon in her hair is a symbol her mother gave her as proof of her identity.