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Japanese Name: Shinsei Megami
North American Name: Trinity Shinsei

Her name means: Rebirth Goddess

Physical Age: 18 years old

Element: Rebirth and love

Attacks:Emerald Life Drain, Emerald Clarity Slash, Gift of Life

Favorite Food: Shrimp

Least Favorite Food: Liver and Onions

Teammates she gets along with: Somewhat Sapphire

So much can be said about Megami. On the outside she is very beautiful. She bears a slight resemblance to Michiru, but her hair is longer and her personality is FAR from. Behind Megami's beautiful exterior lies a heart of pure ice. Megami cares for NO ONE. She proves this by harsh words and sometimes even violence. No one is sure WHY she is the way she is. Only Megami alone knows that and she's not bound to tell anyone. Megami holds a secret that segregates her from the rest of the group. This doesn't bother her, as she came to the conclusion LONG ago that it's better to be alone than to be dependant on others. What secret is Megami hiding?

When transforming Megami differs from the others in that she crosses both arms over her chest then her emerald brooch glows and spreads forward, down her body creating her skirt and body suit, tiara and choker. Then she levitates slightly and raises her arms and points her feet and the green glow spreads up her arms creating her gloves, then down her legs at the same time creating her thigh high stockings and boots. She then opens her eyes coldly and bows grow from her shimmering green emerald brooch and the back of her skirt. She ends by posing with her arms crossed, one leg behind the other and glaring. In battle, Emerald follows her own orders. Sometimes she won't even help the group. She believes that it's everyone for themselves. Emerald is the soldier of love and rebirth. Her teammates are clueless on how this came to pass. Her attacks aren't the strongest but they aren't the weakest either. She has the ability to revive anyone who may have died, but she has never needed to use it, nor has she wanted to.