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Alright, this is just for fun. Most will know what this is but for those of you who don't, I'll explain. It's a list of crazy (okay maybe a bit moronic) things that only Sailormoon fans would be tempted to do out of their love for the cartoon. It's NOT meant to be taken seriously. Go far out and have fun with it, it's just for laughs. I would love to start the longest list so if you're interested and have contribuitions (please no more than 20 at a time! O_O) e-mail me at:

Here goes!

You Know You Love Sailormoon Too Much When...

Contributed by T-chan:
1. You dress up as a senshi every single freakin' Halloween
2. You insist your boyfriend let you call him Mamoru/Darien
3. Following one and two, you INSIST your boyfriend dress as Tuxedo Kamen with you for Halloween
4. You create an Otaku Senshi and then change your name to theirs
Contributed by Laney:
5. You forget your pencil everyday during school and find instead only your Crescent Wand you purchased off E-Bay in your backpack
6. You actually have TRIED to put your hair in odangos/meatballs
7. During the closing credits of Sailormoon you strike the pose with Sailormoon
8. On more than one occassion you've bored your friends to death with talk about Sailormoon and how so and so is your FAVORITE senshi!
9. You have tapes upon tapes of recorded episodes
10. You've actually taped a cut out, yellow, crescent moon to your cat's forehead (or tried to O_o)