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Thanks for visiting but more importantly thank you to the people who have contributed to this page. I can't tell you how much it means to have people do fanart for me. If you have a contribution send it my way. There is no such thing as BAD art ^_~

Feel like contributing some artwork of your favorite character? Send all .gifs and .jpgs to me at:

Queen Daaku
WONDERFUL artwork of Daaku. She's got her just as I imagined her! By Pan-chan aka Anna

Queen Ada
No artwork available

Amethyst Yuushi
No artwork available

Sailor Aquamarine
No artwork available

Sailor Diamond
No artwork available

Sailor Emerald
An edit of Emerald, done in the early days when there was an RP. By Nikki Another yet slightly more accurate edit of Emerald by Nikki Awesome edit of Emerald, minus the smile. It'd be more of a wistful glare O_o by Nikki Another gorgeous Manga edit by Nikki Wow, perfect length of the hair and it looks just like Emerald, but happier! By Nikki as well

Sailor Garnet
No artwork available

Sailor Jade
No artwork available

Sailor Pearl
No artwork available

Peridot Yuushi
No artwork available

Sailor Ruby
A nice edit of Ruby again from the Role Playing days by Nikki

Sailor Sapphire
One of my absolute favorites. Sailor Sapphire and Sailor Nature. Sailor Nature is the senshi of Mistress KnowledgeTree who's my sister site! By Mistress KnowledgeTree

Topaz Yuushi
No artwork available

Tourmaline Yuushi
No artwork available

Sailor Turquoise
No artwork available


I really love this picture of Aki. Just the pose she's in and the look on her face. Awesome ^^ By Trinity

A beautiful picture of Fuyu-hime looking a little possesed, but awesome all the same! ^o^ By Dragonfire12278

No artwork available

A CG pic of Kyuuka. It wasn't what I had envisioned but I really like the twist they gave her! Beautiful coloring! By Dragonfire12278