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Welcome to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). If ever you have a question, e-mail me and you're likely to get a response on this page. Also it is encouraged that you read this page first before asking your question, as it already may be here! So just check it out. All new questions will be posted at the top. The category of questions are as follows: I. Characters/Story Questions II. Website Questions III. Misc. Questions
I.Character/Story Questions

Question: Are all the senshi pictures on the profiles your own? Answer: Yes. The newer pictures popping up on the profile pages are my own artwork and CGing. I'm not the best but hey! I tried my best and it's better than an edit IMHO.
Question: Why doesn't Haru-hime have a name? Answer: Her name use to be Hikari but I have yet to mention that in the story. I began looking at other pages and came to realized how unoriginal and widely used the name Hikari is. So eventually I'd like to give her a new, more creative name but inspiration has yet to strike me. So until I think of a good name she'll just be known as Haru-hime. For now.
Question: Who are the senshi in the picture at the bottom of the profile page? Answer: If you happened to notice this I give you kudos for being observant. Those are the way the senshi first originally looked. Just edits. You can clearly see how their appearances evolved (IE: Ruby looked like Mars with red hair. Aquamarine looked like Moon with one odango). I keep it up just for memory's sake and as a comparision.
Question: One of your senshi looks a lot like my own! Did you steal MY design? Answer: No I did not. I sat down one day and thought " can I modify these characters to look more original?" and the pictures on the profile page are the result. If you really must argue I'll send you a copy of my rough sketches as I date all of my work. Also, I do not believe in stealing artwork. I wouldn't like it if someone stole my ideas, so why I would steal yours?
Question: So and so is so cute! Can I use them on my page? Answer: Yes, but ask me first in an e-mail. Also if you want to use my characters at all (though I cannot fathom why...) at least give credit to me and do not alter their designs/appearances. That's all I ask.
Question: Do you really have a copyright on your story and characters or are you just saying that? Answer: YES I do have a copyright to my characters and to this story. I claim no hold what so ever over Naoko Takeuchi's characters like the inner/outer senshi, Sailormoon, Tuxedo Kamen, Luna and Artemis or Black Lady. They all belong to Naoko herself and Toei of Japan.
Question: Why did you switch from the Japanese names to the English dub names? Answer: Because I had quite a few people (who were dubbies ^^) contacting me and complimenting me but they'd mention how it was hard to grasp not only the Japanese Sailormoon names but also the Japanese Gem senshi names. So to make it easier for everyone to read (hopefully) I just made the new illustrated version with the English dubbed names.
Question: What happened to ____? You never told. Answer: Just wait and see. The story WILL be finished, I promise that much and if your question STILL isn't answered by the end then feel free to contact me.
II. Website Questions

Question: How come your website isn't fancy like some of the other ones I've seen out there? Answer: To some people, layouts are all the rage and completely important. I'm not one of those people. This site is solely to entertain with a story. As long as it's easy for people to navigate and get around, I'm happy. I would rather channel my energy into the story and characters rather than the website itself, but hey if you're willing to help contact me.
Question: Hey!! Where'd the framed version of this website go?! >_< Answer: I got tired of updating two versions. I simply don't have time anymore so I ditched the frames. If this really displeases you, honestly you have my sincerest apologies =(
Question: Wasn't there a contest on this site? What happened? Answer: Yes there was but hardly anyone at all entered and those who did didn't get the correct answers so the contest has been abolished and no I will not bring it back.
Question: Can I have a dedication on the dedication page? Answer: No. I reserve dedications only for my close friends and family. Sorry.
Question: Why are updates so slow? Answer: Because I have a life that's very demanding right now and I'm not complaining but you should know that it includes schooling (the college sort) and a full time job. Plus other numerous things I'm working on. I wanna update more but it does get tough and sometimes (as bad as this to admit and forgive me) I just get too lazy/tired after work. I AM going to try and update once a month but if that doesn't happen, don't hate me. I promise I will get around to it before TOO much longer passes by.
III. Misc. Questions

Question: I have a made up senshi! Can you add it to your story? Answer: This is by far the question I have gotten the most and the answer is no. Simply because the story is halfway done. I have it thought out and I know how it's going to end. There simply isn't any place to put in any more senshi. Secondly, there's enough senshi as it. Too many more and the villians won't stand a chance! Lastly, I would like to encourage people to write their own fanfic with their senshi. I think it's MUCH more entertaining to see what situations you, yourself can put them in. ^.^
Question: Okay, that's cool. Can you at least make a picture of my senshi for me/Do you do request art? Answer: After some consideration I have decided that yes, I will do request art but to a MINIMUM. Details will come out later in November but I'm looking to narrow it to five requests a month. More details will follow in later November when I put up the Art Request page under the "Memories" section.
Got a question you don't see here? Okay then, E-mail me at