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Hana, the mysterious oneSailorgarnet
Name: Nomatsujo Hana
North American Name: Hana

Her name means: Flower of Seasons

Physical Age: 17 years old

Element: Seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)

Attacks: Garnet Winter Crush, Garnet Spring Blossoms, Garnet Summer Blaze, Garnet Fall Sting

Favorite Food: Fruit

Least Favorite Food: Walnuts

Teammates she gets along with: Unsure, but mostly Diamond

Hana is an enigma. She rarely talks to anyone on her team, but unlike Chiyuno or Kaijin, she has a mystical air about her, rather than a lonerish one. When Hana does speak, her voice is soft and enchanting. She is a very calm girl, who appears to love nature. She's not the kind to do spontaneous things. For some reason, none of her teammates know very much about her, even personality wise. The only one Hana does seem to talk to, is Kiseijun. She is constantly by the princess' side and though she's not chatty with her, she still says more to her than she does anyone else. Unbeknownst to her teammates, Hana has played a vital role in the past and she shares a secret similar to Mitsukai's. What exactly is her story?
When transforming, Hana places her hand over her chest and a cyclone of leaves, snowflakes and flower petals burst forth then surround her in a cyclone. The snowflakes create her fuku and skirt which is all just outlines, no color yet. The leaves create her gloves and boots and stockings, while the petals create her tiara and accessories. The three colors then slide down her body, adding color to her fuku, meshing together in the center and creating her Garnet brooch. Garnet ends by posing with both hands in front as if in prayer (fingers up) but her palms seperated by a few inches. Her legs are poised together in a delicate fashion. When in battle as Sailorgarnet, Garnet is very powerful (as she has all seasons on her side). All her attacks but spring blossoms deal major damage to her opponents. Garnet is also very determined and very skilled. She hardly ever makes a mistake. She also values team work and will follow whatever commands are given to her. As in civilian form, her main goal seems to be to protect Sailordiamond, no matter what the costs.