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Haru-hime. Artwork drawn and CGed by me. Laney. No stealing and if you're curious...I didn't trace ^.~ Haru-hime
Name: ??? (See FAQ)
Dub/ North American Name: Calista Aijo
Physical Age: Not Determined

Her name means: ???

Element: Pure Darkness

Attacks:Midnight moon suffering, Black chain encircle, Wicked black chain bloom

The saddest of the four sisters. Haru-hime was known once by her sisters to be very happy and very caring. An attitude that Ada did not care for at all. To surpress this hinderance, Ada placed Haru-hime under the influence of a dark spirit. The darkness twisted her powers for it's own purpose and now Haru-hime is nothing more than a mere puppet following her mother's every whim; an empty shell. Despite her cruel, inhuman persona, she is still worried over by her sisters Tenka and Ureba, though with every passing day they begin to wonder if Haru-hime's spirit is even alive. Will she pull through or is she merely nothing more than a human shell for darkness?

When in battle form, she is not a senshi but instead a gireihei, meaning guard of honor. She now mindlessly obeys her "mothers" orders and will fight quite visciously to do so. On her wrist is a black onyx wristlet with a large orange sphere, which she uses to transform. She holds up her hand and yells "Kuro Gireihei Bakeru" meaning Black Gireihei Change. However Haru-hime's wristlet sphere swirls with black. Her attacks, which were the element of light, now are used for complete evil. She wields a chain similar to venus' only more sharp, lethal and black. Her outfit when in battle is a black dress. The sleeves are short and whispy and it ends above her knees. Around her waist is a sash and is tied in the back into a big orange bow. Her shoes are black knee igh boots.