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Aijo San aka Kyuuka-hime/ NA Name: Samara Aijo. Artwork drawn and CGed by me. Laney. No stealing and if you're curious...I didn't trace ^.~ Aijo San aka Kyuuka-hime
Name: Aijo San
Dub/ North American Name: Samara Aijo
Physical Age: Not Determined

Her name means: Beloved Daughter of Sun

Element: Dark Fire

Attacks:Fire Hell Soul, Beautiful Fire Raven Attack, Burning Black Fire Rage

Of the four sisters, San claims the title as the darkest. She is relentless in her attacks and often cruel without mercy. San enjoys inflicting physical pain, but she relishes mental anguish much more. Often San is the one daughter who seems to be on Ada's A List. Due to this, she has a heavy rivalry with Tenka. Sometimes though, it is debated on wether San is truly as cruel as her demeanor suggests. Does she actually have a soft side?

When in battle form, she is not a senshi but instead a gireihei, meaning guard of honor. On her wrist is a black onyx wristlet with a large red sphere, which she uses to transform. She holds up her hand and yells "Kuro Gireihei Bakeru" meaning Black Gireihei Change. Her attacks, which were the element of fire, are probably the most lethal of the group. She can summon a huge fire raven which she uses in her beautiful fire raven attack. Her outfit when in battle is a black dress. The sleeves are short and whispy and it ends above her knees. Around her waist is a sash and is tied in the back into a big red bow. Her shoes are black knee high boots. San is not afraid to entirely destroy her opposer. She also does NOT know when to give up. Sometimes she fights beyond her capability and can end up injured or in a big mess. Luckily her sisters are usually there to help her out.