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Welcome to the home page for Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon:Gemstone. This was a fanfic series created by myself, Elena Sanchez, on September 19, 2001. It has yet to be completed, but should reach that status by October 2002. I have some chapters up already and you can be sure more will come. For now feel free to browse the site and have fun. Remember that this story and it's characters (with the exception of the Inner and Outer senshi, and any other of Naoko's characters) are mine. I own a copyright to them. Therefore, if I find that they've been in used on another site without my permission, I will NOT hesitate to persecute. With that warning, please enjoy the site.
*Updates August 25, 2002: Chapter 10 is up. Yes, only one cause mostly I've been tweaking the site. Other stuff up is the about me page and the links page. So from now on ALL links (aside from Webrings) are obviously on the link page. Also I added a few more banners and buttons to the Link me page, so check them out! PLUS VOTE FOR ME! PLEASE! I'll love you forever...O.o
Comments, Flames? Or maybe you just have questions. Anyway send me some mail!
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