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Suki, the beautiful and cuteSailorpearl
Name: Otome, Suki
Her name means: Love Child

Physical Age: 17 years old

Element: Love and Healing

Attacks: Soft Pearl Healing, Pearl White Dispell, Misty Pearl Haze

Favorite Food: Cupcakes

Least Favorite Food: Sake (Heh heh, not a food, but...)

Teammates she gets along with: Ruby, Turquoise, Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Topaz, Peridot

If Suki were real, she'd be the person everyone adores. She's fun, pretty, kind and so on. She doesn't have a trace of tomboyish nature in her. She is big sister to Tsurara, and constantly is on the look out for her. For the most part, she gets along with everyone on her team. The major exceptions are Mitsukai and Megami. She knows Mitsukai holds a dislike for her because of Kaijin's involvement with her. For this reason, she remains only friends with him, and often tries to still show kindness to Mitsukai. The other person, Megami, wears on her last nerve. She tries, like her sister, to tolerate the snappy blonde, but often it winds up in her resenting Megami even more. She doesn't understand how someone could be so cruel and still be a soldier of love. Speaking of love, Suki is in love with Yuushino. She's not sure, but she believes this love for him goes way back in the past. However, due to her memory loss, Suki has forgotten a VERY important person of her past. Who exactly has she forgotten and what role will they play for her future?
When transforming Suki starts off with a hand over her chest as always. A bright gentle white light explodes forth and surrounds her in an image of a pearl. You can see her silhouette spin and the fuku appear, complete with bows and gloves. The pearl image fades to sparkles and dies down, a few sparkles landing on her to form her pearl in her tiara and on her choker. Pearl ends by posing with one foot slightly forward and both arms behind her back in a ladylike, shy manner. Then she smiles. As Sailorpearl , Suki is physically weak. Her attacks are more for the benefit of the others. She can heal and dispell any evil that may overtake someone. She still tries her best to help out and not back down. She's every bit as determined as Mitsukai. However she isn't foolish enough to try and be a hero as Mitsukai does sometimes.