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*Art Requests*

Welcome. If you're browsing at this page I'm assuming you're interested in an art request from me. Just a little snippet of info for ya: My art that I do is all original and NOT edits of pre-existing Sailormoon pictures. That being said, I'll lay down the rules.

*.1.* I will only accept 7 requests a month, I will have a link on THIS page to a specific e-mail address I use for requests. Once that seven requests has been filled a month, I will remove the link until the following month. If seven seems like a small number, I apologize but it's hard to do requests AND do artwork for the site as well as managing a life that involves work and school.

*.2.* I will only do up to two senshi/people per picture. Sorry NO group pictures.

*.3.* PLEASE submit only one request per month. If I get more than one from you, I'll move onto the next request. It's only fair to others who would like some art done for them

That's it for my rules. Not too overwhelming is it? I hope not at least. If you're interested just send me an e-mail to the address listed below (NOT to StarStealer that's featured on the main page. ONLY use the one listed here for requests) and I'm going to ask that you include the following:
Hair: Length, color, style
Eyes: Color
Skin Tone: Pale, Light, Tanned, Dark
Clothes/Fuku: Here if you'd like a picture of your character in civilian clothes, just give me a rough of idea of what outfit you'd like to see them in. For fuku (for senshi of course) I'll need you to be very descriptive. What color is the collar, skirt, body, bows and other accessories like the choker? Is the fuku a two piece? Are there sparkles or wings? How are the bows shaped/sized? Describe everything about their fuku that you can manage. There is no overdoing it here :)
Gloves: Wrist length, elbow length, full length, band color, glove color
Shoes: Heels, Heels with straps, knee high, ankle high, sandals, closed toe shoe, thigh high
Accessories: Tiara, Choker, Earrings, Rings, Bracelets, Other
Anything Else: Anything you can think of that wasn't included in the above descriptions. Maybe there's something odd about your character, like that they have a third eye or something!

Okay so basically in your e-mail include: Hair, Eyes, Skin Tone, Clothes/Fuku, Gloves, Shoes Accessories and Anything Else. PLEASE, PLEASE bear in mind that all I have to go off is your description so depending on how descriptive you get, that's how accurate the picture will be and even then, there may be some things that aren't perfect. That in mind, please don't ask me to make corrections once the picture is finished. I'll certainly do my best in the process ^_^

Okay enough yapping. I can be reached for requests here:

Please allow up to two weeks for your picture. Anymore than that and you have full permission to yell at me =^.^=