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Meimou Shinri/ NA Name: Taryn. Artwork drawn and CGed by me. Laney. No stealing and if you're curious...I didn't trace ^.~ Sailorruby
Japanese Name: Meimou Shinri
Dub/ North American Name: Taryn
Physical Age: 17 years old

Her name means: Truth and Illusion

Element: Illusions and Clarity

Attacks:Ruby Seeing Eye, Ruby Sparkle Trance, Ruby Nightshade

Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers

Least Favorite Food: Salad

Teammates she gets along with: Sapphire, Pearl, Aquamarine, Topaz

Shinri is pretty, fun, flirty, and absent minded. She's got a funny and likable personality. Back on Endai, she even attended school (which she remembers only slightly). Shinri's mind is usually in the clouds and this can cause her to miss important things. She's not stupid in anyway, just a little forgetful. She gets along with Mitsukai and Suki the most out of anyone. Mitsukai especially. She shares a sort of love/hate relationship with Doujino. While the majority of the time she pretends to hate him, every so often she shows a softer side to him as well. Sadly, Shinri's absent mindedness has led her teammates to not take her seriously most of the time. She gets endless mental torture from Megami. This can cause her temper (which is quite heated) to flare up. Will she ever prove herself to her team?

To transform Shinri holds a hand over her chest and two ribbons of red light swirl around her arm then over her whole body. It falls gradually and as it does so her fuku and accessories are revealed. The light falls down her legs creating her stockings and shoes. To pose, Ruby holds both arms , crossed, over her head and smiles, winking. Ruby's attacks are mostly for the support of the group, rather than attacking.