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Name: Otome Tsurara
North American Name: Tifani Otome

Her name means: Icicle Child

Physical Age: 11 years old

Element: Ice

Attacks:Turquoise Deep Slash, Turqouise Frostbite Burst, Icicle Scythe Double Hit, Turquoise Icy Encage

Favorite Food: Cheesecake

Least Favorite Food: Pickles

Teammates she gets along with: Everyone

Tsurara is, like all the rest, eternally young. She is, in actuality, a mature woman trapped in the young body of an eleven year old. However, this little fact doesn't seem to bother her TOO much. Tsurara prefers to act like a child rather than a mature adult. Though at certain times, her wisdom and maturity can shine through quite clearly. The fact that Tsurara was more mature than most other children, made it hard for her to make friends. While this saddened her deeply, it does not keep down her optimistic and cheery demeanor (something many say she inheirits from her sister, Suki). Tsurara gets along with mostly everyone on her team, as she is able to act quite mature around them and carry on adult conversation. She tends to cling to Kaijin and Mitsukai the most ( they treat her more like an equal individual). Tsurara is also plagued with prophetic dreams. While her power is no where near as strong as Sailormars or Sailorpluto, she still has the ability to forsee future events. The problem is her dreams are in fragments and she usually never remembers until it's too late. Needless to say, this frustrates and angers Tsurara to the point that she can become moody and quiet. She views the dreams as a curse rather than a gift, as it has only segregated her even more from society. Also add the fact that she wants to protect her sister dearly, and finds it hard when even her dreams are unclear. Will her dreams save her or be her undoing?
Tsurara becomes Sailorturquoise by placing both hands, crossed, on her chest until a teal light covers them. She then holds her hands out in front of her, spins in a cyclone of teal and poses with her hands still out, her fuku and everything perfectly formed. A beam of light travels north and south of her hands and forms the Icicle Scythe. To pose she holds her scythe with one hand and the other clenched into a fist and held up halfway. While Turquoise has a childlike form her attacks are indeed deadly and not to be taken lightly. Her weapon, the Icicle Scythe, is unique in that it can shift from solid, razor sharp ice, to a seering, liquid flame. Turquoise is either the third or fourth most powerful senshi of the group. She even has one more attack than most of the others do. While in battle, Tsurara would easily sacrifice herself for any other teammate (even Megami). Because of this trait, a few have jokingly called her "suicidal". Tsurara will retreat on command and tends to take orders very well.