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Japanese Name: Nohakai Mitsukai
NA Name: Naomi

Her name means: Angel of Destruction

Element: Destruction

Attacks:Sapphire Blue Moonbeams, Sapphire Celestial Crush, Heaven's Mercy

Favorite Food: Pumpkin Pie

Least Favorite Food: Fish

Teammates she gets along with: Peridot, Turquoise, Ruby

Mitsukai is really a sad case. In the beginning, she comes across as just shy and quiet. She even seems strong as a senshi. Unfortunatly, that is just a convincing mask to hide what's really underneath. Inside Mitsukai's almost in constant pain. She has been known to be fairly happy one moment, then downright depressed the next. This has lead Mitsukai to believe she's posessed by a demon. She rarely ever shares her troubles with anyone. What's more, Mitsukai has trouble making friends. Her shy manner keeps her from really opening up. In fact the only people she holds as her friends are Kaijin, Tsurara, and Shinri. She feels a great depth of lonliness, which is unescapable due to her shyness. Mitsukai isn't a bad person though. She CAN be fun to be around and she's helped Shinri on a couple of emotional break downs. Inside, Mitsukai is a good person with a very good heart. It just gets complicated. Like all the rest, she is eternally young and has no memories of her family. Oddly enough though, she and Kaijin share a special secret. Both of them REMEMBER being friends since childhood. This friendship, for Mitsukai, has developed into a deep love. Unfortunatly, Kaijin doesn't share the same view. He prefers Suki, and almost constantly pines for her affections. This has made Mitsukai bitter towards Suki and (if possible) even more depressed. It has also lead her to one question in particular. Why is she fighting for this team at all?
When times comes and Mitsukai has to transform she places her hand over her heart and yells "Housho eternal light makeup!". Her body turns to a black silhoutette then a blue light shines through her hand from her brooch which is a sapphire jewel. She spins once, the skirt appearing, then again, the bows appearing. Then a blue light falls over her and her white body suit is there along with her black thigh high stockings and blue boots. The light from her brooch runs along her hand, forming gloves then up her shoulder to her neck, forming the collar and choker,over her head and a tiny sapphire jewel appears on a gold, chain like tiara, then down the other arm, with the other glove appearing, which finishes the transformation. She poses holding a fist to her chest and her other arm straight out. As a senshi, Sapphire is incredibly strong, though weak compared to Peridot. Sometimes she tries to play hero, which can get her, and her group into some serious trouble.