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Welcome to the Seiyuu page. Now some of you might be asking, "What the heck is a Seiyuu?!" Well, I'm here to tell you! Seiyuu is the japanese name for people who lend their voices to characters. Basically a voice actor or actress. Thus is what this page is all about. I'm looking for people to lend their voices to bring these characters to life! Still don't understand? Well just look below and you'll see for yourself!

Nohakai Mitsukai(Sailorsapphire) ~ Voiced by: Elena Sanchez

Mitsukai:"Don't you realize that you can't help me?!"

Aijo Ureba(Aki-hime) ~ Voiced by: Sailortrinity

Aki-hime:"Has there been any sign yet?"

Kougi Amari(Sailorjade) ~ Voiced by: Kumorino_Hoshiiko

Amari:"Well, I'm certainly not your ally."

Shinsei Megami(Sailoremerald) ~ Voiced by: T-chan (Tiffany Clark)

Megami:"She knows what you mean, now stop talking before you make yourself look more stupid. "
Sounds pretty interesting, ne? Would you like a part? Well, then here's what you need to apply.

1. Make a sound wave using the Sound recorder (located by clicking "Start", scroll to "Programs", then "Accessories", then it's usually located in the "Entertainment" folder. Make sure to look in all the folders under "Accessories." It's called "Sound Recorder." For me, it only works if you have a microphone plugged into your computer. Gomen... T_T) The sound wave must NOT be longer than 6.00 seconds. It will show you how long it is on the right hand side. If your sound wave exceeds this, I will delete it and send you an E-mail telling you to make it shorter. Also, I only accept .WAV files. No .mp3 or .mpeg or .ram. ONLY .wav files.

2. Got your sound recorder ready? Great! Here's your next step. Browse the chapters of the story that are already up. Choose a line from the character you wish to voice. Simply record yourself saying that line as if you were that character. Make sure and put some feeling into it! If I have two people auditioning for the same part, and one person reads the line totally deadpan, then it gives the other person a WAY better chance. Vice versa, don't go over the top with melodamatics either. Put yourself in the characters shoes as they say the line and let it flow.

3. All set? Good then all you have to do now is save it and send it via E-mail to me. My E-mail address is located on the main page. In your E-mail, you must include your name (or alias you wish to be known as), the character you are wishing to voice and lastly, the line you are saying. PLEASE NOTE: If you are not selected, it is NOT because I don't like you, but usually because I believe the voice doesn't fit the character or either that you'd be better suited as someone else. Also, there is the chance that someone else got the part first. In any case, feel free to try again perhaps as someone new. You never know =)

ATTENTION: Make SURE you read this first. Below are descriptions of the characters that are currently available to voice. PLEASE take the time to read them and be HONEST. For example: if you have a fairly shy sounding voice, but you REALLY want to be Shinri, then I will warn you up front that you most likely will not get the part. Be honest and match your voice to the character that will best suit it. That will up your odds on getting the role.

Sailorgarnet aka Hana:Hana rarely speaks throughout the story, so when she does it is in a soft, yet commanding tone. Her voice is NOT meek or shy sounding. It's quiet but with a very regal touch to it.

Sailoraquamarine aka Seika:Seika's voice is an open ended one. I always pictured it as being sort of regal and kinda medium toned. Not ULTRA super duper delicate, but ladylike. A good example of her voice tone is Lady Ayeka's from Tenchi Muyo, minus the silly Jurian accent ^.^;

Sailordiamond aka Kiseijun: Aha, one of the most interesting characters of the story. Kiseijun's voice should be soft, but not weak sounding. She's mainly just timid. As you have seen (if you've been reading), she DOES have the guts to stand up to Megami at times, just NOT all the time. Her voice is just kind, yet somewhat childishly stupid at others.

Sailorpearl aka Suki: Suki's voice is totally girly. It's soft and slightly weak sounding. She hardly ever raises her voice. It's kind and gentle. If you need an example, (yet again from Tenchi Muyo) take Tsunami's. It's soft and gentle. Exactly how Suki's should be.

Sailorturquoise aka Tsurara:I'm going to be VERY particular on Tsurara's voice. This is because I always envisioned it as varrying between mature and childlike. The words and the way she speaks is very adult-like, but her voice itself is rather childish. Not Chibiusa childish, but rather with just a bit more maturity.

Yuushi Amethyst aka Chiyuno:Chiyuno has to be male of course. His voice isn't DEEP, but it's not light either. It's medium. He speaks quietly, but it's also not a very friendly or ultra mean sounding either. It actually sounds like most of the time it's hiding something.

Yuushi Peridot aka Kaijin:Again, a male part. Kaijin has to be male of course. His voice is very cold, and very detatched sounding. It's slightly deep and the only time it ever lightens up is just A LITTLE when he's talking to Mitsukai.

Yuushi Topaz aka Doujino:Male part. Doujino has a soft, friendly and joking voice. He's constantly nagging at Shinri, so his voice needs to be fairly light yet mature.

Yuushi Tourmaline aka Yuushino: Lastly, male part. I never really grew attatched to Yuushino, but I always pictured his voice as wholesome yet commanding. It's also mature sounding.

Sailorruby aka Shinri:Shinri's voice has to be rather cute, but in a sorta boppy airheaded way. Not quite as deep as Usagi's. It's a touch lighter than that. Again, a Tenchi Muyo reference. You know Mihoshi? WELL STAY AWAY FROM THAT. Shinri's voice isn't THAT perky, but it's not as deep as Usagi's either.

Sailorjade aka Amari:One of my favorites. I'd be tempted to her voice but I just don't have the right sound. Amari's voice is cold and medium toned. It's feminine, unlike Haruka's and Michiru's in the dub. Here's the trick, while it IS cold and rather uncaring, it also has to sound constantly amused. Toughie.

The fiercest and meanest of the four sisters. Her voice has to be snobbish sounding (make sure it's not ridiculously snobby though!). She thinks she's superior to evryone so keep that in mind. On the other hand, it's also very cold. A good example of her voice is San's from Princess Mononoke dub version.

Aki-hime: Aki has a gentle, yet sort of deep voice. It's very similar to Hana's. She's suppose to have a sort of magical air about her. Think Sailorpluto's from the dub, but not so light sounding.

Fuyu-hime: Out of anyone, her voice souds fairly average. The main key to her voice is that it's constantly determined. I'm not so picky about her voice.

Haru-hime: I don't even think she's said anything yet O.O However, she will and whenever she does it's a soft voice yet VERY deadpan and monotone. There's a reason for this. Her pitch and voice hardly ever vary!

Queen Ada: Queen Ada's voice is funny because I could never really picture it. I just imagined it as a very dark, disturbing voice, yet not syrupy sweet with a light tone. Vice versa, it's not ultra deep either.
Here are the characters that are unavailable or taken:Sailorsapphire aka Mitsukai, Sailoremerald aka Megami, Queen Daaku, Sailorjade, Aki-hime