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The Art Gallery
Welcome to my art page. Here you'll find artwork that I've done myself for the BSSM:G story. This has all been hand drawn and colored using Photoshop. None of it is edits. Hold your pointer over a picture to see it's description. That said, enjoy your look around and please don't be mean and take things without asking! >.<

Queen Daaku
No Artwork Available

Queen Ada
No artwork available

Amethyst Yuushi
A cel like picture of Amethyst/Vincent. I really like how this turned out. It was suppose to be Topaz but as I kept drawing it just sorta morphed into Vincent ^^

Sailor Aquamarine
A picture of Seika/Anna that was originally apart of a collage of four of the Gem Senshi girls.

Sailor Diamond
A picture of Kiseijun/Hope, nearly full body. I dunno why I just wasn't proud of this one -_-; I LOVE this picture! It's so her! She's sad yet youthful looking. Just as I envisioned her. Also a little naive looking too.

Sailor Emerald
A picture of Megami/Trinity that was originally apart of a collage of four of the Gem Senshi girls.

Sailor Garnet
No Artwork Available

Sailor Jade
A picture of Sailorjade I drew and colored a long time ago by hand.

Sailor Pearl
Suki/Sarah crying, but why you'll have to wait and find out. The background is suppose to be a gray, mist haze... A nice shoulder up picture of Suki/Sarah. I was just too lazy to do a background... V_V;

Peridot Yuushi
No Artwork Available

Sailor Ruby
No Artwork Available

Sailor Sapphire
I love the background to this picture. It's suppose to go with the scene in the old version of the story where Mitsukai(Naomi) and Kaijin (Karik) are looking at the stars and talking with one another.I'm reminded of a Cel when I look at this pic. It's Naomi with kitty ears looking unusually gleeful. I drew this on the airplane ride to California and now I'm quite fond of it ^.^

Topaz Yuushi
No Artwork Available

Tourmaline Yuushi
No Artwork Available

Sailor Turquoise
Her body looks a bit older than I may have liked but it's obvious she's still young. I like that her eyes came out looking sad yet mature ^^

No Artwork Available

No Artwork Available

No Artwork Available

No Artwork Available