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Welcome to my archive for fanfiction, along with possibly a few original stories. If you've made it here, I hope I you like to read, because that's what this page is all about. If not, well that's okay as well because I have links leading to other interesting sites, so go take a look. Enjoy your stay and if you like what you see, feel free to drop me a line. Thanks again *
Preeetty, ne? The Nightmare Before Christmas: Dream a Little Nightmare
A fic which takes place AFTER The Nightmare Before Christmas. Poe, Jack Skellington's son, seems to have inheirited his father's lust and longing for the unknown. One night, his wishes are answered in the form of a girl named "Nameless". The two form a special friendship but what will happen when she's brought to Halloween town and all the rules are broken? Status: Unfinished

Eternal Light
My first original fic. It was designed to be an Anime. It has it's own site but it hasn't been updated in forever. Maybe I'll update it if I get a lot of feedback on it. Anyway, it's about a girl, Ira/Lena and her ties to the one person who holds the powers of darkness and light. However the catch is, no one knows who this person is. Not even Ira/Lena herself. Confused? Just go check it out. I garauntee it's worth a peek. Status: Unfinished