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Yuushino, the leader in question.Yuushi Tourmaline
Name: Aozora Yuushino
North American Name: Ashe Aozora

His name means: Warrior of the Blue Sky

Physical Age: 19 years old

Element: Sky, Rain, Lightning

Attacks: Tourmaline Electric Jolt, Sharp Tourmaline Rain, Heavenly Justice (combines previous two attacks)

Favorite Food: Mochi Combo Pizza

Least Favorite Food: Sashimi

Teammates he gets along with: Pearl, Sapphire, Topaz, Aquamarine, Turquoise

Yuushino is everything a leader should be. He's brave, willing to fight for his teammates, supportive, and intelligent. He's also got a rather optimistic outlook. However, despite all these qualities, he's still a rival for Kaijin in the leader spot. He may also seem like a rival to Kaijin over Suki. However in truth, he loves Suki with all his soul, and would do anything to just keep her safe and be with her. Suki, for the most part feels the same. Yuushino is fairly popular with his teammates. He rarely gets into disputes, except with Megami or Kaijin who refuse to cut him any slack. Yuushino tries hard, but it's hard to hold together a team that has broken into so many pieces. Will he ever prove himself to be leader?
As Yuushi Tourmaline, Yuushino is very strong. He has the skies on his side, thus his name. He usually is the one giving orders, but he's willing to listen to his team, and cooperate with another's idea. Sometimes his worry for his team (especially Suki) can distract him, but he means well, and will still fight with all his heart.